Like so many traditions at weddings, the tradition of having a bridal party (or wedding party) is one that so often isn’t questioned. But why not consider if you do really need a wedding party?! Because it’s really ok if you don’t feel like you want or need this. In recent years I’ve seen more and more couples opting to not have a wedding party and there’s definite benefits.


Less people = less stress

So often I’ve seen people with the best intentions stressing the bride or groom out during the getting ready time. Generally speaking, the more people you have in the hotel room or house where you’re getting ready, the more stressful it can be. Everyone has questions for the bride or groom as well as everyone having their own agenda when getting ready. Being stressed beforehand is the last thing you want before the ceremony. Having just one or two people with you at the getting ready location can make for a more calm and relaxed environment.

Reduce time away for photos

Not having a bridal party means your photoshoot time will be greatly reduced which I find most couples are pretty happy about as they can get back to the party sooner and get into the drinks and canapés! Having a large wedding party does increase the number of photos we want to get as there’s just more people and more combinations and this all takes time to do properly. A large wedding party also makes moving from place to place take a lot longer.

If it’s just the two of you we can get a great range of beautiful photos in just 30 minutes. It’s still best to do these photos during the golden hour so depending on the timeline of your day and the time of year you’re getting married this might mean you get to have drinks and canapés with guests before going for photos which I think feels nicer than rushing off straight away.

Involve people in unique ways

Just because you don’t have your besties as party of your official wedding party doesn’t mean you can’t involve them in other ways. Get creative! Think of different things their unique skills might suit.

Do you have a friend that’s great at drawing or graphic design? Get them to help out with your invites and other stationary. A friend or two that love to bake or make sweet treats? Why not get them to make your wedding cake or get a few people to contribute to a dessert table if the pressure of just one cake seems too much to ask. Or you can have a friend witness your marriage certificate. There’s lots of ways to involve people so no one feels left out!

We can still do nice photos with friends!

If you think you can only get those beautiful photos with your besties if they’re in your bridal party, just know that we can absolutely still get these when you don’t have a formal wedding party. All you have to let me know! Have a think about the different groups you’d like really lovely photos with and tell me and we can make the time. We can do this during canapés or at the reception.

So have a think about what works best for your day and remember you don’t have to do anything just because it’s the done thing or tradition. Also feel free to ask me any questions you might have surrounding wedding parties and what works best with timing.