Erin & Jotham’s engagement shoot was featured over on Polka Dot Bride recently meaning I got some beautiful words from these guys about their relationship. So I’m going to let them do the talking!

Erin on how they met: “We were rehearsing for a high school friend of Jotham’s album launch – I played the violin, Jotham played the drums. He actually asked me to marry him the very first night we met.. while rehearsing in my house he started going through some of the things in my room – records, books, Bob Dylan posters and after making sure they were actually all my things, blurted out ‘will you marry me?’ 5 years later, and he designed me a ring and asked me again!”

Couple against graffiti covered walls during Fortitude Valley engagement shoot
Engagement shoot in Fortitude Valley laneways

Jotham about Erin. “She’s so strong. Everything she does, she does with passion and commitment, and without compromise. She has brought a stability to my moods and my perceptions of myself that I’ve never had before. But mostly I love the things of which I’m not conscious and which I can’t explain, like the wave of ‘okayness’ that washes over when I see her, or the way I still feel tied to her, even when we’re apart. She’s like a drug to which I’m addicted and don’t want to quit.”