Emma & Andrew’s Engagement Session

– with Snickers & Ketchup the dachshunds!

When someone tells me they have dachshund pups called Snickers and Ketchup, I immediately know I’ve found my people!

Emma & Andrew are getting married this year at Mirra in the Valley and wanted to include their ridiculously cute doggos in their engagement photos. You can see why right?! I mean, look at their little faces!!!

Anyway, Snickers and Ketchup came along for the first half of the shoot and were incredibly well behaved. Then they went for a little separate walk and adventure with Emma’s sister who came to babysit so Emma & Andrew could get a few photos together without the crazy pups. I always recommend this because sometimes you can get so swept up in what your fur babies are doing that you don’t get to focus on each other.

Despite being attacked by mosquitos from all the recent rain and walking through super itchy long grass (hello weird rash!) we had an awesome afternoon and managed to get gorgeous photos of the whole crew.  Looking forward to celebrating with these legends for their big day soon!